We produce Acacia and Chestnut honey in the area of Canavese (Piedmont)
Our Multifloral honey is made here in Gaby.
We produce our Rhododendron honey in Gressoney la Trinité.

Jams and other transformed products

We sell fresh fruit and vegetables, but also use them to make delicious products such as jams, flavoured vinegar, fruit juice, wild garlic salt, sauces… All our jams are called “extra” which means that they contain a big amount of fruit and little added sugar.

Fruit, vegetables and potatoes 

In summer we  sell fresh fruit and vegetables daily. You can pre-order the products and come get them when you wish.
Our potatoes are sold (from the end of August) loose or in 5 kg / 10 kg bags.

Contact us via phone calls or Whatsapp messages to (+39 340 343 2267) to pre-order!

In any case, you can find all our products in the company store, in the hamlet of Zuino 16.