How we started

Naturalys (from the words “natura” and “Lys” the local stream) was founded in 2008, when we decided to buy a few beehives to produce honey for family consumption. We wanted to bring back the family tradition of beekeeping (that Aldo’s grandmother had started) and stay in touch with nature. We’ve never stopped since then!
Today we own about 70 beehives, we grow vegetables, potatoes and berries that we sell both fresh and transformed into jam.

We also own around 15 hens that keep us company and help us eliminate vegetable waste.

Naturalys is also an “agriturismo”, which means that we offer meals and afternoon snacks prepared with our products.
From 2023 we will also offer the possibility to spend the night in our two newly renovated rooms and try our country breakfast.

Alessia Aldo, Marta and Emma

Our farm is small and led only by our family. Some products may sometimes not be available: we care about quality, not quantity!